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Is your company lacking the respect that other companies in the same industry are receiving?  Have you switched over to Nevada Ethernet?  Many businesses settle with their current internet connections because they do not believe that these services get any better, but they do.  Metro Ethernet is an extremely powerful tool that will bring your business to the next level.  You will have a crisp, clean connection whether you are video conferencing or talking on the phone because you can converge all of your voice, video and data applications over the same pristine network.

When you use an internet connection like T1, Bonded DS1 and DSL, your ISP and local phone company must work together to provide you with an internet connection.  By going through the phone company this adds hefty costs to your monthly IT bills and creates multiple points of failure that you cannot risk while doing business.  With Nevada Ethernet, the local phone company is eliminated.  You are able to simply connect directly to your ISP.  This eliminates the heft telephone company cost and reduces the multiple points of failure.

Nevada Ethernet has affordable prices with top quality service that can be beaten.  We are a leading provider of Metro Ethernet services and we know our stuff.  If you have any questions, then feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives who will be able to address your needs and even provide you with a free metro Ethernet quote without any obligations.  

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